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Pursue a meaningful career when you work with ECI (Enhanced Compliance, Inc.), where our dedication lies in fostering an inclusive atmosphere that encourages continuous learning and personal growth, enabling you to excel in you endeavors.

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At ECI, we employ passionate professionals who understand why we do what we do. We engage individuals eager to explore their own potential, relish the process of continual learning, and embrace challenges with enthusiasm.

Our collaborative team engages with industry trailblazers seamlessly merging science, technology, and a profound understanding of compliance regulations across diverse projects. The outcomes of our endeavors—innovative, life-changing, and life-saving advancements—positively impact people's lives. Join us to nurture your career growth at ECI.

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Competitive Compensation & Benefits

  • Rich Global Benefits
  • Performance-Based Bonuses
  • Retirement Plan

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  • Quarterly Global Town Hall Meetings 
  • Fun Company Sponsored Events
  • Wellness Initiatives

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  • Regularly Scheduled Webinars
  • Management Training 
  • Individualized Training & Development

Environmental, Social, Governance Programs

  • Community Give-Back Programs
  • Diversity & Social Awareness Initiatives
  • Carbon Footprint Reductions

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Hear From Our Staff

I was the first employee hired with ECI and am now going on 9 years. The ECI team has a collaborative mindset and approach which inspires great teamwork, yet individual successes are celebrated as well. Our successes make our team of experts even better and our clients even stronger, better people’s lives across the globe and help to improve the life sciences industry.  All these things combined help make me a better person and feel good about what I do… not everyone can say that about their work!   
Deanna Krumm,
Human Resources
I have a total of 9 years of service with ECI. The work at ECI is both challenging and meaningful. What I’ve gained most in my time here is the experience of navigating complicated and challenging situations. Helping clients work through their problems and resolving them is what I find the most satisfying part of the job!  
Ed Vossler,
Sr. Project Manager
I have been with ECI for 2 ½ years. I love supporting clients with their compliance journeys. ECI is different from other consulting firms in that all employees and consultants are supported and welcomed. From day one I have felt supported and throughout the years, my contributions to both our clients and ECI have been recognized. I look forward to continuing to work with all members of the ECI team and our clients in the future.
Sara Gouveia,
Sr. Engineering Consultant
I have been with ECI for 3 years as an Engineer III. I chose ECI for the chance to expand my career within the medical device field. I love the versatility and new opportunities to gain and work on new skills with each new client
Stephanie Fariello,
Engineering Consultant III
I have been with ECI going on 8 years. Everyday, ECI gives me the opportunity to live out my personal mission statement: To use my skills in Engineering, my interest in medicine, and my love of life to improve the quality of life for others, specifically in the healing and prevention of disease. In addition to the chance to “live the dream,” ECI removes obstacles to facilitate my success.
Susan Shelso,
Principal Engineering Consultant
My decision to work for ECI was a result of a thoughtful evaluation of the company's values, the nature of its projects, its positive company culture, and the significant impact it has had in the Life Sciences industry. It's a source of pride to be associated with a firm that not only meets high standards but actively contributes to the betterment of the field.
Maylin Truesdell,
Principal Engineering Consultant
It has been nearly 2 years working for ECI. My role as an engineer in the medical device industry is highly dynamic and intellectually stimulating. It offers a diverse range of projects and challenges allowing me to apply and expand my expertise in different areas. It's a place where collaborative culture and mutual respect are present, fostering both personal and professional growth.
Carlos Barquero Obando,
Engineering Consultant I
I have been with ECI for 3 years as an Engineer. ECI gave me the chance to learn and grow as soon as I finished college thanks to their fantastic internship program. I continue to stay with ECI because of the great team environment. I have gained experience and some very useful Risk Management Skills!
Francisco Granados,
Engineering Consultant I

Regions We Serve

With operating offices in the US and Latin America, ECI supports a variety of clients across the globe – from small industry innovators to Fortune 500 companies. Learn more about the places ECI could take you through the link below.

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Our Leadership Team

With decades of experience and an affinity for managing teams as they address the unique needs of each ECI client, our executive team is ready to share knowledge, offer mentorship, and bolster your personal growth.


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